3 Tips to Wow Your First Home

3 Tips to Wow Your First Home 1
We go through our lives with phases of creating good memories. Whether it is your first love, your first pet, your first job or your first home, one thing for sure these key moments will forever be engraved in our memories. First home is a major milestone in adulthood for many people and Dulux, a brand under AkzoNobel (formerly known as ICI Paints) is proud to share with you how to be the king or queen of your castle.

The next step once you have gotten the keys to your first home is to create a personal space that reflects your personal style, a space that is comfortable for you and your family. To many people this process is the most hectic of all and also a learning experience for some to refine their taste and to know their strengths and weakness when it comes to interior design. The common thing everyone try to do when it comes to moving into your own home would be the space and finding a way to make it look bigger than it actually is. A trade secret that can be used would be using Dulux Light & Space. Using a paint like this means that it reflects up to twice as much light, making rooms brighter and more spacious.

3 Tips to Wow Your First Home 2
Now that you have picked your type of paint, focus should be on the right colour palette to reflect lifestyle and personality. A great way to select colours would be to use the Dulux Visualizer app which can be downloaded at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This app allows you to change the colour of your walls and preview it in real time.

Bachelor Pad

3 Tips to Wow Your First Home 3
Warm neutral colours would be the best palette for a single guy who is moving into his first home. The warm tones in this palette can represent masculine tones and can easily match the furniture and décor of the space. A rule of thumb when it comes to using a warm neutral colour palette is to ensure to not only use dark colours as this will make any space feel much smaller and duller.

In order to maintain the masculine aesthetic of your space, try adding natural earth elements such as a wooden bed or wooden desk to give any room a more rugged feel. If nature is not your style, try going industrial by adding metal elements around the room such as a metallic bookshelf.

Bachelorette Pad

3 Tips to Wow Your First Home 4
More women in this day and age are entering the workforce and are moving out of their family homes and into their own spaces. Today’s modern sophisticated women have a more refine taste when it comes to home décor thanks to websites like Pinterest which is a fantastic source of inspiration.
Muted reds and pinks are great colour palettes to work with when designing your dream bachelorette pad. It still maintains the femininity of the space while the muted colours gives it a touch of sophistication. Another great feature of this colour palette is that it works well with other muted colour palettes or a simple clean white colour. A great way to decorate your space is by adding white furniture such as a white make-up dresser which will certainly stand out against the muted reds or pinks. Pastels colours are the perfect choice when it comes to picking curtains or linen to compliment the muted reds and pinks.


3 Tips to Wow Your First Home 5
Moving into your very first home as a couple is an exciting time in your relationship that you will always remember. Take this period to discover each other’s design aesthetic and find ways to marry the two while balancing masculine and feminine elements throughout the house.
It is best to start with a solid foundation and when in doubt, you cannot go wrong with a classic colour such as white. This colour has the ability to make any room look and feel larger than it actually is. A white room is also the perfect canvas for a couple experimenting with interior design. White works well with any colour and this allows you to play around with vibrant colourful accessories.

Now that we have covered all three bachelor, bachelorette and newlyweds first home, it is time for you to continue making wonderful memories at the new space with your loved ones. For more information on the Dulux Light & Space or more colour palettes, visit Dulux’s website at http://www.dulux.com.my



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