Are Your Chinese New Year Snacks Worth The Calories?

Chinese New Year Snacks
Photo Source: PurelyB

How often have you said or heard your friend saying; ‘after eating this I have to run 5km to burn it off’.

Too often.

While Chinese New Year may be some sort of a cheat day for most of us, it is equally important to know what we put in our mouth, even just a piece of harmless bak kwa. Do you know your Chinese New Year snacks well and how many minutes of workout you have to do to burn it off? Thanks to this complete and detail chart from Linora Low, we now know!

Ways To Burn 500 Calories From Chinese New Year
Photo Source: Linora Low

If working out is not your thing, alternatively it is important to go moderate with the yummylicious snacks eventhough we only have it once a year. Whilst it does not bring any direct harm to us, it is still important to watch what we eat.

Happy Renri or Human Day everyone! Today, the 7th day of Chinese New Year according to Chinese customs is the day human beings were created. Technically today everyone is one year older!



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