Britain’s Favourite Food Smells Presented In An Innovative Candle Range with Bakin’ Hot Gourmet Candles

Bakin' Hot Gourmet Candles
Do you like your food so much so that you wished you can smell it all the time? Now you can with these Bakin’ Hot Gourmet Candles from Marvling Bros, brilliantly distilled some of the nation’s favourite food aromas into an innovative candle range.

Nothing quite hits the spot like the mouth-watering aromas of a traditional roast dinner baking in the oven, barbeque ribs cooking on hot coals on a summer’s day, or succulent sizzling bacon rashers on your weekend fry up. Embrace Britain’s favourite food smells, without the hassle of home cooking!

Bakin' Hot Gourmet Candles 2
Bakin’ Hot Gourmet Candles – Homemade Apple Pie
Bakin' Hot Gourmet Candles 3
Bakin’ Hot Gourmet Candles – Nice ‘n’ Spicy Curry

Bakin’ Hot Gourmet Candles comes in six appetising flavours to tantalise the taste buds of a nation of food lovers; Fingerlickin’ Barbeque, Traditional Roast Dinner, Nice ‘n’ Spicy Curry, Sizzling Bacon, Homemade Apple Pie, and Decadent Chocolate Fudge Cake. To make the candles EVEN MORE interesting, these hand poured Bakin’ Hot gourmet candles come in a beautiful mini casserole dish with lid, which can be reused once you have finished burning your candle. The casserole dishes come in a choice of white or black, and are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Whether you want to fill your home with the tantalising aromas of home cooking, or just want to trick family and friends into thinking you have been slaving over a hot stove all day, our gourmet candles are an inspiring and innovative addition to any home. Priced at £14.99, Bakin’ Hot Gourmet Candles are available from



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