Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Home decorating can be intimidating especially if you have no idea where to start or doesn’t have a pool of budget set aside. The good news is, you have the choice of either switching everything around your house to make it look fresh to visitors or you can try these Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas. However, if you have the budget, hey go ahead. Otherwise these budget home decor tips below are equally good without breaking the bank.

Collectibles Showcase

Collectibles Showcase
Showcasing collectibles doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on antiques. The good ol’ white Ikea tablewares can make up to be an interesting showcase. Most of us are a collector of pots and pans. Those are makes a good display too. Or if you are a collectors of everything nice, showcase them nicely on a rack. It can be in the kitchen, the dining area or the family area.

Treasures from Garage Sale

Garage Sale Hopping
Garage sale, car boot sale or bazaar is the best way to score treasures to decorate your home. While garage sale is not widely popular here in Malaysia, there are people who will still do it to clear stuff to make way for new ones. Other people’s junk could be your next treasure. Refurbish those pieces and they will give your living area a vintage feel to it.

DIY Crafts

DIY Crafts
DIY is always the best option when it comes to budget-friendly home decorating. One of the best DIY that we can never recommend enough is illuminating jar. All you need is two things – a clear mason jar and fairy lights. Both are easy to get from any DIY stores, supermarkets and even at Typo. Or if you’re feeling extra artistic, just take a blank painting canvas and splash some paint away! And if these are not within your ability, you can find really good art pieces from sale and display them all on the wall.

DIY Artwork

Photo Wall

Photo Wall
Creating a photo wall is an all-time best trick to freshen up your home decor. You can either get a big frame and stick on all your precious moment photos randomly on and hang the frame up or you may even stick all the photos on the wall to create a photo wall or a memory wall. Every few months switch those photos out and tadaaa! You have a fresh new wall again. Get creative with it. The messy it is, the better it looks.

Last but not least.

Switch Up Your Floor Mat

Bet you didn’t see this coming but yes, switching up your floor mat from time to time does changes the overall look of your living space. Be funny with quirky quote floor mat. And if quirky is not your style, fret not. You are still able to freshen up your home with brand new floor mat of your choice. The key is to change it up. It doesn’t matter to what as long as it is within your budget and style.

There you have it! Our pick for Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas. The key in home decorating is getting creative with home decor items. It can be how you place them around the living space or how you DIY them. Perfect for those who like to refresh their home decor every once a while.



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