#CafeHopping Friday: Our First “Poh-Kay” Experience at Poké Bear

Poke Bear 1
Whether you are a foodie or not a foodie you will know by now the poké bowl craze that has taken over our F&B industry recently. Poké, which is pronounced as “poh-kay” is somewhat a healthy food and somewhat a fast food (in a way) that is customizable to one’s desired preference of topping, sauce and so on.

Our first poké bowl experience is none other than Poké Bear, which is located at Sunway Pyramid mall. It was not a plan food tasting as we happen to just walk past it. We thought, why not poke around to see what’s the hype all about.

It is a self-service place where orders are to be placed over the counter. There are a few type of poké bowl on the menu for those who are lazy or clueless to what to have. But we strongly suggest to customize it accordingly to your own’s preference. That’s what poké bowl is all about. Customization comes in two style – bowl (RM18) or warp (RM15). We go for the norm, which is bowl poké bowl with 5 sides (mango, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, crabstick), salmon poké, avocado sauce, and seaweed flakes topping over brown rice base. We were also asked if we would want salad with our brown rice and we said yes. After we paid, we chose a table to sit facing the blue atrium concourse area and wait for our poké bowl.

Poke Bear 2
We notice there are water and green tea dispenser at the seating area but we couldn’t find any cups. We figured this must be something like the Ikea style so the cup will be given when the food is served, and we were right. The green tea was still warm, much to our delight.

Poke Bear 3
Back to our customized poké bowl. It looks delicious! The avocado sauce came out not as green as we thought and the seaweed flakes are finer than expected. Then it’s time to dig in.

Poke Bear 4
As the 5 toppings we chose are all kind of sweet in taste, the entire poké bowl taste sweet, but not nauseating. The brown rice are still warm, delicious and we wish there were more brown rice base. Although we love our salad, this time we are glad that the salad leaves are just nice, not too much as we really want to savour our poké and toppings. The salmon poké serving was not too bad. It is definitely not as much as what food bloggers had been posting but it is not too little. We say it’s just nice. The avocado sauce turns out to be better than expected. Hardly can taste the avocado-greeny taste but yet it is still creamy and matches the entire poké bowl perfectly.

Poke Bear 5
We will be back for sure! Now we get the hype. RM18 for a small bowl is quite pricey but all good for once a while indulgence. #NotSponsored

Poké Bear Sunway Pyramid
Where Exactly: Sunway Pyramid, Blue Atrium, LG1 (right opposite Starbucks towards Sunway Lagoon), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Contact: +603-7494 0257
Operating Hours: Daily Monday to Sunday 10am to 10pm
For more information, please visit Poké Bear Facebook page.



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