Doof Adding More Fun and Colours To Your Life With The New Limited Edition Colour Block Series

Doof Limited Edition Colour Block Series
On one afternoon while having coffee at this familiar place, I can’t help but to notice Doof booth right in front of me. I had my eyes on them throughout the next few hours I was at the coffee place. Interesting was what I said to myself, the next thing I know, I was searching for Doof on Instagram. What catches my attention was the colour, the shape and how versatile Doof bean bags can be.

Doof, aimed to bring a little fun and colour to everyone’s life, hope to bring more doofiness to work spaces, living space or even at events. That was also what attracted me to contacting Doof. Bean bags at events? I have been to many events but have not seen anything like this before.

Doof TimeOutKL
Photo Source: Doof Instagram

Doof has taken things to the next level with the latest Limited Edition Colour Block Series. If you are into colours and Doof has always been alluring you with their colourful bean bags, bags or T-shirts, you will find this limited edition even more colourful.

Doof Colour Block
The Colour Block Series expansion comprises of 6-all new Limited Edition Roxannes. And each of the colour block has a name to it – The Royale, The Trixster, The Mojo, The Swag, The Diva, and The Yolo. There will be a 100 pieces of each colour produced and once it is all sold out, it will remain as the collector’s item, hence the Limited Edition.

Besides the colour block series, Doof also added a series of 2015 solid colours and 6 new T-shirt design, which was released earlier in 2015.

Have you Doof yet?

Doof products are available online at, Publika booth at LG Floor, or at various promotional booth throughout the region and shopping malls. For more information on Doof, please visit their website, and Facebook page. Do also follow them on Instagram for more interesting ideas of how to implement Doof to your everyday living space!



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