Falling In Love With Me

To My Future Love,
Falling in love with me is destined.
You came, you saw, and you fell in love with who I am.
You pick me up when I was on the brink. You fix me when I pushed you away. I always thought that you’d leave but you stay regardless.
Being in love with me is not easy but it’s going to be the best love you ever had. Because falling in love with me is the best thing that happened to you.
You see, people with depression is the most real person you’ve ever know. She’s full with never ending love. She make sure you’re taken care of with all she have. She give her all to you. She love the most, care the most, and everything is going to be about you. Yes she put everyone else before her. Being in love with someone with depression is beautiful.
All I ask for in return is nothing but your honest self and love. You see, people with depression is as simple as that.

// Fi



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