I Was Defeated

I Was Defeated
Photo Source: philchester

Day 4.
I was defeated.
Today of all day I was reminded of you.
Not yesterday, not the day before yesterday, not last week, not last year. Today.
I type out your name for the first time.
That familiar name.
I was wondering how you are doing.
I almost cannot remember how you look like, how your face feel when my hands touches you, how you smell, how your voice sounds like.
That voice that soothes me when I was in doubt. That familiar voice.
‘My love’. A phrase I would never hear again.
‘My love’. I turned my head around.
You wasn’t there.
I swear I heard you calling out for me.

Your forehead on mine, my hands in yours. We said nothing but looking down.
Promise me,
you said.
Promise you what? I ask even though I knew what you were asking.
Promise me that you’ll never leave me again.
I looked up. I smile, pulling you close to my heart, while stealing a sniff of you.



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