If One Day

If One Day
They say you’re lucky that you have me but I’d like to think I’m the lucky one.
I’m lucky that you open up my closed heart when no one could. I didn’t know I can potentially love someone again and you showed me that I can.
I’m lucky that I spent the happiest time with you. Even though it was just for a short while.
I’m lucky I learnt that when life throws a lollipop to you, it can turn very wrong very fast. I know that now.
I hope one day you’d find another love that’s as strong as mine.
A love as hard as a diamond.
A love that shines through every flaw and sadness.
A love as deep as I can be.
Someone that will shower you with love unconditionally.
Someone who’s never selfish with how she feel.
Someone who will love you as much as I do.
Someone who will love you as hard as I am.
If one day you wake up and realized you’ve lost me, don’t be.
Always remember that you had me the moment we laid eyes on each other.
I was already yours and I’ll ever be.

// Fi



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