Isn’t It?

Isn't It
Isn’t it amazing, how 2 people from two completely different world met and fell in love?
How strangers can become lovers.
How this 2 people who never crossed path before would fell for each other.
How the only language they spoke are nothing but “I miss you” and “I love you”.
How their world collide as the stars aligned in unity.
Isn’t it odd, how the same 2 people would fall out of love.
When the only language they spoke now is I HATE YOU.
And their stars never align in unity again as before because there’s so much pain between them.
Isn’t it sad, how 2 people who once loved each other so much would be complete strangers now. Not because the fault in their stars. But because they love each other too much.
So much that it hurts.

// Fi



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