It’s Not The Person You Can’t Let Go, You Can’t Let Go The Idea Of Being With Someone

It's Not The Person You Can't Let Go
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No one said finding love is easy. No one said falling in love is easy. And we all know falling out of love is the hardest among all.

Losing someone can take a toll on every single bits in your life. Emotionally – you cry buckets, your mind had him or her all over every single second, you can’t sleep because the biological timer in you seems to missed the beat, and you can’t eat because you lost all your appetite all of the sudden. Physically – when you stop eating, you lose weight. And when you’re not sleeping, you lose even more weight. Physically you looked more and more haggard than before. Mentally – well, when you combined all the above it affects you mentally that you feel like you are going crazy.

Ask yourself this. Do you miss the person or you miss everything you did together when you’re with the person? Yes you may (or may not) miss the person but deep down inside you, you are actually missing the idea of having a person with you and do everything with that person. Admit it. Your life seems more colourful when you’re doing everything you’re doing with another person compared to doing it alone.

Your daily activities evolves around him

When you wakes up with him next to you and now you don’t, you miss the cuddling and snuggling next to that person for warmth and small kisses. You cook breakfast for him, sent him off work, lovey dovey messages all day at work, cook dinner for him, movie nights and so on. You life evolves around him and when you lost that, you actually lost the feeling of being wanted and being needed. In another word, you want to be loved and love another person. Your solo life now seems empty and that makes you miss the moment even more.

You like the feeling of being wanted and being needed

Being with someone is of course the best feeling in the world although single life is not bad either. Sometimes the person is not the best fit or a good fit at all but you just want to enjoy the spur moment. You are full with love and you just pour and pour to the person. You like the feeling of giving. You want to be wanted and be needed. Being in love and to be able to give love is the greatest feeling.

Holding on to the person that he or she was

You can’t take the mind off how he or she used to be. You hold on to the past, to how the person are rather than how the person is now. He or she may be a total as$ but you chose to ignore that and unintentionally holding on to the person he or she used to be. Somehow you are recreating a relationship that you think is perfect. Or rather what used to be perfect.

The best part about loving the idea of being with someone is that you can replicate it with friends and family. Although I must admit that is so much you can do with them. Friends is a good distraction but not forever. They can take your mind off for a few hours but not days or weeks. The mind is a powerful tool. We pick to believe in the unlikely reality rather than the reality in front of us.



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