#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike another successful campaign for #IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign

#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike Group Photo
#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike, a third campaign under the #IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign initiative was held last Saturday, 11th March 2017 at Taman Persekutuan Bukit Kiara. Registration was closed at 36 confirmed participants, with 30 of them showed up at the event day and changed into #IWillBeOkay Trail Hike microfiber dry fit T-shirt in orange, while the crews were donning a green color T-shirt.

Black Box Events, a sports event management company was engaged as technical consultant for the trail as well as to lead the pack through the entire hike. Understanding that there are participants who are into running, the group was divided into two separate groups. One that is catered to running and another group that enjoyed slow hike up the hill.

#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike Starting Line
Approximately 4km was covered in 1 hour 40 minutes. Signage and ribbon markers were placed along the route earlier so that both groups are on the same route up and down Bukit Kiara. These signages are then removed by the sweeper crew who is tagging along at the back to make sure the reserve park stays in the same condition as before.

#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike Route Marker
It rained the night before therefore the route are slightly wet but manageable for all participants. No emergency reported except for a few participants that needed a few breaks in between while heading up to the hill. The scenery in Bukit Kiara is amazing. Calming as people say, nature heals. That goes hand-in-hand with the awareness campaign purpose and with what the event wanted to achieve “mind and physically challenging engagement activity”.

#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike Going Downhill
Upon returning to the meet up point, all participants and crews were treated with healthy breakfast meal specially ordered from Meraki Kitchen. Each participants then went home with a goodie bag from PUMA Malaysia and Sunplay.

#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike Breakfast
* Photo credit: Rane Chin
#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike Meraki Kitchen
* Photo credit: Rane Chin
* Photo credit: Street Love

#IWillBeOkay Fight Against Depression Awareness Campaign was initiated to educate and create awareness on mental illness as well as to encourage those who are suffering from depression to seek the help they need.



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