Medical Opinion Online Connects Patients to Medical Specialists

Medical Opinion Online
How often have you heard that one should always go for a second opinion when it comes to medical treatments? Very often we wanted to seek a second or maybe third opinion from other medical specialists but are left in a dilemma as we have no idea who to go to. Now, patients can get this done through Medical Opinion Asia (, an online service that connects patients directly with top medical specialists in a wide field of expertise.

The service which was launched just yesterday currently has 50 highly respected medical experts on its panel. Patients are able to have direct access to any of the experts at the comfort of their home. Currently, Medical Opinion Asia are planning to increase the number of specialists to its panel. Besides that Medical Opinion Asia has also forged a number of links through to centers of excellence in US, UK, Australia and Singapore.

Medical Opinion Online 2
Patients may find numerous medical experts in the panel such as cardiology and cardiac surgery, gamma knife radio surgery, neurology and neuro surgery, liver and pancreatic surgery, orthopedic surgery, spinal surgery, radiology and sports medicine. Rest assured that the number of specialties available are expected to be increased in due course.

With’s user-friendly platform, one just needs to complete a simple questionnaire and upload the necessary medical records. The system will match you with a relevant specialist or you can pick from the panel and the opinion will be given in 72 hours or less. Patients can also opt to have their medical records / images stored for up to a year with the portal for a minimum fee. By doing so, it becomes very convenient for patients and specialists to have quick and easy access to them when needed.

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