Now! In Season – What’s currently on the shelves, direct from Australia?

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Now! In Season, a global campaign by the Victorian State Government, Australian Government and Horticulture Innovation Australia aims to educate consumers about what’s currently on the shelves, direct from Australia. At current season, consumers are able to get Australian Table Grapes, in which the season starts from April till June. Australian vegetables are available throughout the year due to Australia wide production so we will always be well stocked up all year round.

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There are many advantages of buying Australia produce. From the time the seeds are planted in the soil, through when they grow and are harvested, packaged and shipped to Malaysia, Australian growers have applied:

  • stringent safety standards, including for water and soil quality
  • innovative farm technologies
  • packaging practices that allow you to have the best produce for yourselves and your family.

For more information, please visit Now! In Season Malaysia Facebook Page or Instagram.


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