PFC Studio Appointed as Exclusive Distributor of Sanctband Active Malaysia Products

PFC Studio Exclusive Distributor Sanctband Active 1
Sanctband Active Malaysia recently appointed PFC Studio, a personal training and fitness education company as the exclusive distributor of all Sanctband Active Malaysia products and that includes latex resistive bands and tubings for resistance training as well as post-rehabilitation.

Sanctband Active Malaysia has been present since 2002 and they believe PFC Studio is able to bring the brand one step further as they are well-equipped with necessary skills and calibre. This exclusive collaboration fits hands-in-hand with what PFC Studio does and that is providing personal training, post rehabilitation, fitness education and many more.

PFC Studio Exclusive Distributor Sanctband Active 2

PFC Studio Exclusive Distributor Sanctband Active 3
At the media launch held last week by PFC Studio, members of the media were given the opportunity to try out resistive training for the first time. The focus of the workshop is postural exercise to help alleviate postural problems using resistive bands. Resistive bands is a good and easy to bring to everywhere type of tool for all walks of life. What we like is the versatility and how convenient it is to be used anywhere, anytime!

PFC Studio Exclusive Distributor Sanctband Active 4
There are other resistive bands out there but none are specifically designed to tackle the conventional powdery issue like Sanctband Active’s resistive bands. Latex resistive bands that are low in powder and protein content solves all the concern of latex allergy. That is why Sanctband Active products are well-received by everyone.

PFC Studio Exclusive Distributor Sanctband Active 5
For more information on Sanctband Active and PFC Studio, please visit PFC Studio Website or Facebook Page.



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