SOL REPUBLIC is Back with Two New Wireless Earphones – Amps Air™ and Relays Sports Wireless Earphones

SOL Republic
After a few years of what seems to be a hiatus, SOL Republic is back with the launch of two new lifestyle wireless earphones,especially for those who are into sound on the go that are crisp and smooth.

SOL Republic SOL
Amps Air™ Earphones (RM900)

The Amps Air™ Earphones is truly a wireless earbud that scream style, comfort and portability. It is small, ultra-light and deliver up to three hours of music playtime.

SOL Republic Amps Air 1
What’s really cool about this is that it comes in a portable charging case that doubles up as a casing and also as a portable charger. The build-in 2200mAh battery is able to charge Amps Air™ up to 15 times and it has a USB port that also functions as a portable charger for the phone.

Each time the Amps Air™ is taken out of the casing, it turns on automatically. And when you puts it back, it recharge the unit. Now that’s what we call technology! It is shaped in a way that it fits the ear and is wrapped in a silicone sleeve with futuristic designed tapered grooves for a striking aesthetic look. The grooves allow airflow to reduce sweat build up therefore this is highly suitable for athletics or for all-day wear without the hassle of tucking and pulling of the wiring of traditional earphones.

Another cool feature of the Amps Air™ is the option to connect just one single earbud for mono sound. This is great for people or runners who want to be alert of their surrounding while listening to music.

SOL Republic Amps Air 2
it has other functions like music control and all the basic picking up, declining and taking a second call function within a touch of the multi-function button. Apple users is also able to active Siri® voice recognition or Google Voice Search™ for Android users.

Amps Air™ comes in three shades – Rose Gold, Rich Teal and Deep Blue.


Relays Sports Wireless (RM400)

The Relays Sports Wireless was first crowdsourced and engineered to address consumer’s biggest complaints on sports earphones. It has an amazing 8 hours of play time with full high fidelity sound, a quick charge technology, microphone, music control, sweat resistance, and lastly a special outdoor sound mode.

SOL Republic Relays Sport Wireless 1
It features an award winning FreeFlex™ secure fit with ultralight ear bud design which enables the earphone to adapt to any ear size without the discomfort of the hook around the ear. Th ear bud is especially made to stay put and securely inside the ear and it is comfortable even on normal days.

This Relays Sport Wireless took more than two years of research and development. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor workouts. What’s special about this particular earphones is that it features SOL REPUBLIC’s signature deep bass and crisp sound. Every other electronic components in ergonomic, water resistant pods are strategically placed by SOL REPUBLIC’s engineers to fit on the neck and a larger battery.

SOL Republic Relays Sport Wireless 2
It’s uniqueness lies on the 10-minutes quick charging capabilities that is able to provide an hour of playtime.

Available in three colors – Grey, Mint and Lime.

You may drop by RadioShack outlets nationwide to check out both Amps Air™ and Relays Sports Wireless Earphones. Both earphones can also be purchased online on Lazada. 
For more information, please visit SOL REPUBLIC Website or SOL REPUBLIC Malaysia Facebook page.



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