The Irony of Relationship

Irony of Relationship
Photo Source: Lifehack

It is funny how human to human relationship can turn to.
From a stranger you two become friends.
You begin to keep a close contact with that person through text messages, calls, and with lots of laughter.
Things started to get more serious and suddenly you two are an item.
A few years down the road you had more and more argument. You no longer feel happy when you see that person. You started to wonder when is the last time you smile when you see that person.
Now that things had ended, you look back at the text messages from the days where both of you were just friends. The tone of the message, the laughter, the happiness are so different. So much happier back then.
Even through you are no longer together with that person, you realized things will never be the same anymore. You can never bring back that kind of smile, that kind of laughter, that kind of happiness…that kind of no stress relationship when you were just friends.



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