Today, Out Of All The Days

Today, Out Of All The Days
I thought that things like this get better with time. Feelings subsided with time, emptiness filled with time. But you’re still filling up my mind. I still see you. Every second, every day.

I still have the habit of wanting to pick up my phone to tell you my day. How exciting it has been lately. Everytime I wanted to do so, I realized you’re not there anymore. I can no longer text you or call you. Sometimes I wonder do you feel the same. Like how we used to, how we can’t stop talking to each other.

You have been drifting away from my mind lately. Today, out of all the days, I miss you the most. I can see me running and jumping onto your opened arms. Wrapped my arms tightly around you, telling you I miss you so so much. I wonder if you miss the playful me.



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