Vinda Deluxe Tissue Features Strength and Softness for the Perfect Match

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When you marry strength and softness, you’d get the perfect match. That’s what Vinda Deluxe tissue is all about and to prove this, a real-life wedding of Anthony Wong and Shervyn Chua took place with Malaysia’s first-ever Vinda Deluxe tissue-wedding gown custom-made by sought-after designer Nurita Harith.

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Meet the bride and groom Anthony Wong and Shervyn Chua, who had been dating for 11 years, a dream wedding seemed out of reach following a string of personal setbacks.

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This eye-opening, one-of-a-kind wedding gown symbolises the marriage of strength and softness that is the hallmark of Vinda Deluxe Tissues. Nurita approach in the wedding gown design combines the use of interesting silhouettes, which usually consisting of soft layers and drapes to bring together femininity and confidence in her designs, differentiates her style in the fashion industry. According to Nurita, Knitted Fibre Technology of Vinda Deluxe tissue paper makes a difference in making the gown come alive. It has a perfect match of strength and softness, almost as though she was working with fine fabric instead.

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You can now watch teaser snippets about the couple’s life and wedding wish on the official Vinda Malaysia website, There is also a full video of the couple’s journey to their big day, which will be released on the September 13, followed by behind-the-scene footages at the end of September, featuring Nurita’s early sketches right up to Shervyn’s final fitting and finally, the transformation of Vinda Deluxe tissue into a dream wedding gown.

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Grab a pack of Vinda Deluxe tissue paper now from selected independent grocers and supermarkets nationwide to experience its strength and softness. Vinda Deluxe also invite consumers to an attempt at making fun, kid-friendly mini tissue wedding dresses at select locations from September 30 onwards.

For more information on Vinda Deluxe Tissues and the campaign activities, visit or follow the Vinda Malaysia Facebook page,

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