What You Didn’t Know About MacBook Battery

What You Didn't Know About MacBook Battery
Did you know that you can change the battery of your iPhone and even MacBook? Bet you didn’t know that. Now you do!

After sourcing for the perfect guy to do the delicate job, battery replacement was done on the spot there and then. The company also offer full internal cleaning services which we add-on on top of the battery replacement cost. Every dismantling was done upfront and it was an eye opening to see so many screws and how compact and small everything looked on the inside. While getting the machine done looking like a new unit, the guy who attended to us gave us some useful tips on MacBook battery, especially on taking care the lifespan of MacBook. Here is What You Didn’t Know About MacBook Battery, something basic that we find useful and certainly have not heard of.

1. Internal cleaning should be done yearly

If we did not see with our own eyes we couldn’t imagine how much dust and bugs (yes bugs) trapped on the inside. We wonder how the bugs got into the enclosed machine but anyhow we were told to at least upkeep the machine once a year.

2. Thermal past should be reapplied once a year

While you send your machine for a yearly cleaning, you should also reapply thermal past. Thermal paste is essential to keep the processor cool, especially the graphic card that is essential in all the visuals and graphic quality we get on Mac.

What You Didn't Know About MacBook Battery 1
3. Only charge when battery level dropped to 5% or 10%

Each time you plug in the charger and charge your MacBook, the machine track it and recorded it under Cycle Count. This can be found at Apple > About This Mac > System Report. Always charge to 100% and switch off. By doing so, the cycle count would be 1. If you charge till say 60% and switch off, it won’t be counted as 1 cycle but this action will drag your machine lifespan down.

4. MacBook should not be put to sleep

One thing I was told that is the main contribute to the short lifespan of the battery is how users like to put their machine to sleep. I believe this is one of the feature why everyone converted to Mac – fast processing. However this I was told is bad for the battery. When the machine sleeps, everything still run at the backend especially the fan. So battery consumption continues. It is however OK to put the machine to sleep if you step away for lunch for example but not a few hours long. Shut down your MacBook if you are stepping out for long hours and even when you sleep at night.

Take care of your MacBook and you will be rewarded with years and years of enjoyment using it. Happy MacBook-ing.



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