The Fault In Our Stars: Why The One You Love Is Never Yours

The fault in our stars
Photo Source: The Art Mad

Everyone falls in love. But not everyone are lucky in love. You might be the lucky one who got married to the one you love or your soul mate. The unlucky one tend to found their soul mate after they got married to another person or they just couldn’t be with ‘the one’.

It turns out not being able to be with your loved one or soul mate is perfectly normal. 80% of the human being are not with their soul mate. These are also the 80% who found their love ones to be other than their spouse. Studies shows that one tend to fall for another one other then their spouse. No, I’m not talking about cheating. I meant falling in love for real with ‘the one’. The funny thing is you wouldn’t know he/she is the one until one fine day.

Let’s take my brother for example. After so many years my brother still stay nearby my sister in law after the relationship ended. My brother said she is his soul mate but why aren’t they together? There’s a simple explanation to that.

Timing is not right

It could be the time when they got together is not right. It could be the stars and astrologies are not aligned that day. It could be he only discovered this after the relationship ended. There are lots of reasons. I believe timing is the main reason. You have heard how people said ‘the time is not right’. I used to think this is a complete bullsh!t. Now that I think back, it might not be after all.

You are fated to be with another person

In most cases, the one you loved didn’t end up as your spouse. Just like the movie, he/she destined to be with another person. You both love each other but you are just not together. Sometimes it’s hard to find an explanation for this. You two are just not destined to be together. As simple as that.

You love that person too much

There’s a saying, if you love someone so much you just want that person to be happy. Regardless how in love both of you are, you just can’t be together. One of the two will back out so that the other person is able to find happiness elsewhere. When you love someone so much, their happiness meant much more than your own. When he/she is happy, you are happy.

He/she is with someone else

The most painful one of all is not being able to be with someone you love that both of you know that you two are soul mate for each other. He or she could be married to someone else and there is no way they can walk out of the marriage. In most cases, this tend to be the reason.

At the end of the day, not many of us are lucky enough to end up with the person we love. Love is a risk. Love is all about timing. We tend to ask ourself why is it so hard to be with the person we love. Sometimes the easiest thing tend to be the toughest of all. You make peace with what you had and make full use of it.



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